Dog Faced Hermans


Those deep buds


Engineered by Guy Fixsen
Produced by Guy Fixsen & DFH at Suite 16, Rochdale, UK, July 1994

Blessed are the follies

Justice - two steel balls on a hard rod.
Miscarriage - a centrifuge losing its hold.
Incident - that from which we be embarrassed.
The comfort of strangers - hope lies constant in the mouth.



Volkswagen the sun
Volkswagen the moon
Its image glows
twice the height of a man
hung high on the factory.
It interrupts the dark
benevolent or fat
an ultraviolet stamp
that waxes in each night
as long as there's work.

Taking the night train from Poland through the eastern territories of Germany, the train passes Wolfsburg, where the VW corporate logo hangs so luminous and dominant above the town that it is mistaken for the moon.


Keep your laws/off my body

Keep you laws of my body
What I have I'll not return
I will live in no dark ages
But in the light

Clear as glass is my decision
What I have I'll not return
I will fight this territory
It's mine to fight

Mister when you're in the sunshine
And a shadow falls across
Just look up and you will find me
I'm in the light


Lie and swell

If memory serves me well,
we used to go out into the fields
and lie and swell.
Quite openly we swole,
until we grew so big
the boys would see us
and want to touch us.
Sometimes we'd let them.
we swole so big that
they grew frightened,
picked up their things
and ran away,
leaving us gently
resting in our size.


H tribe

The human tribe
has hands like mine.
I cannot weigh
or give away
the things which I hold.

The human tribe
has skin like mine
for me to trace
and with this skin
impress no threat

fact of life is fact of distance
poverty lies in the space between
fact of life is fact of closeness
mystery lies in the space between us
I make sound which approaches language
make my tongue a physical one
I lose nothing in this attempt


Human spark

the last

I stand in awe DNA
kinetic strategy in action

I made a man
- tube out and not fleshed
since that day


Les femmes et les filles vont danser

The women and girls
move onto the floor.
Kick off their shoes
in a pile by the door.
Straighten their straps,
loosen their hair,
moving around each make up a pair.
Holding their breath...

The women and girls
-twelve dancing princesses-
burn holes in the floor
with the weight of their heat.
Losing themselves,
is pleasure encoded.
Deliver us once,
Deliver us from
these four limbs.

Roll me over-
don't wake me.


Virginia fur

She came from a community where
women ruled the roost, imparted
effortlessly a sense of my sex's
ascendancy in the scheme of things,
ans every word and gesture of hers
displayed a natural dominance, a
native savagery and I am very
grateful for all that now although
the core of steel was a bit inconvenient
when I was looking for boyfriends
in the South in the 1950's when girls were supposed to be as soft
and pink as a nursuree.

Angela Carter, from "Nothing Sacred"



In my dream I went into Columbus - Columbus, Georgia, through the rain. Seemed only like I knew where I was going - to a store - Bill Calley - something - supplies - the name is hazy.
Inside the place was lit against the darkness. Dull, silver, sharp and shiny things - like jewels or tools - I can't remember.
I see my man, he stands behind the counter. His face set all uneven - fairly fit still, the ex-marine.
And now I'm here, I have my question ready. Ready as anyone - ready as anyone - "Oh Mr Calley - Please - a moment of your time - about My Lai..."
Suddenly I couldn't see for running and I'm in a space that's screaming and could say no more for choking on the smoke which came smoking which came pouring from the the clearing. And I knew why I was running - from the cracking of the branches, from the heavy men behind me.
Bulk and sweat in uniform - with implements and running clumsy - knowing that there was no need for caution - no opposition - no defending - easy work. And one I saw his face he'd turned towards me - his face set all uneven like a, like a young man who'd had a stroke at tewenty-one. His face he turned towards me and he hisses - "Get out, get out, get out, this my place of business".

William Calley was the leader of C Company, the platoon responsible for the mass slaughter at MY Lai on the 16th March 1968.
He was the only one of a number of killers that day ever to be sentenced.
He got Life in 1971 but was released pending appeal by Nixon after 3 days and finally released in 1974 after spending 3 years as the most privileged prisoner in America.


Dream forever