Dog Faced Hermans


COLIN played the bass, some guitar and steel drum
ANDY played the guitar, the viola and some hippo tube
MARION sang, played the trumpette and the bells
WILF drummed and played some foghorn and saxophone
  GERT-JAN did the live sound







What do they do now since their last gig in 1995 ?

" Marion moved back to London....she is a full time sculptor and art tutor and lecturer and played with a Spaceheads for a short while.

Wilf....continued drumming with Rhythm Activism for awhile, also Donkey and De Kift (guitar)...he nows DJs in Amsterdam and has his own band called Johnny Distance and the Wasp Riders....

Colin became full time Sound Engineer for the Ex...and also worked with David Thomas and B Shops for the Poor. He is currently deeply engrossed in working with samples and sequences and infact makes his debut appearance tomorrow in Amsterdam

I [Andy] ve been busy with the Ex...also Kletka Red and Little Red Spiders..and do various improvisation gigs with different musicians. I also work with Magpie Dance company and perform live with them regularly..."

Andy Moor - 09/08/99